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The "Atlantic staff" crewing agency offers to the ship owners its services of choosing qualified specialists of the fishing and transport fleet.

The "Atlantic Staff " crew managers have a vast experience in the area of employment, as well as a database of qualified officers and rank.

Our company is focused on long-term cooperation, work performance excellence and building partnership.

The "Atlantic Staff” crewing agency is located in the very center of Europe, in Kaliningrad. It also has the office in Lithuania, which allows providing specialists from the EU countries.

Information for the sailor.
If you are interested in cooperation with our company, fill out this form, which you can send to the mail
Information for the shipowner
The main partner of the Atlantic Staff Company is the Marine Bell Company, which provides a wide range of services for the shipowner: development of design documentation for the modernization, re-equipment and repair of vessels, preparation and coordination of operational documentation with the Classification Society.